Sensual Weekend 2023


Current Informations: 

The Sensual Weekend 2023 ended Monday morning at 3 a.m. after a 15-hour dance marathon at the city harbour. A weekend with 6 dance events and 2x3 workshops. I would like to thank all participants for allowing us Rostockers to share so many beautiful moments with you.

It is very important to me to thank the many volunteers who, in the background, made this event possible without making themselves known. So now I'm listing it again:

Alex, Katrin, Nadja and Tobias - planning and organization in advance

Alex – Beachsocial, workshop organization

Katrin – dance teacher, dance courses and workshops

Ralf - drinks supply mole party

Steffen – music boxes for all events + music

Helena – transport of dance floors to WS

Meiko & Ludwig -  Bachata Salsafloor DJ PWH

Suzi - fantastic videos and photos

and of course the dance teachers: 

Lena & Arelio – music on the salsa floors 

Daniel & Lorenz – music on the kizomba and bachata floors 

and of course all of you who always lent a hand when it was necessary or played music.

The invitation Link for the "Sensual Weekend Whatsappgroup" :

Good Weather Schedule:

The location for the Open Airs are of course dependent on the weather!!!

See below for a detailed description of the program.

Dance with us for a weekend at the Baltic Sea!!! 

The schedule of the festival:

We are a free open-air dance festival (except for the 10€ ticket in advance for the planned indoor party on Saturday evening). We have 4 main locations and depending on the weather we will decide where to start the next item on the program.

Location 1: Warnemünde beach - only in "beach weather", no dance floor

Location 2: Warnemünde Mole or Promenaden – only in good weather, with a dance floor

Location 3: Stadthafen Rostock Aida Terrassen - partially covered and a little more sheltered from the wind, in colder, windy weather, with a dance floor

Location 4: Peter Weiß Haus Rostock – 3 indoor dance floors in bad weather, but currently only booked for Saturday afternoon and night.

Locations 1 and 2 are in Warnemünde and about 25 minutes by train from locations 3 and 4 in Rostock. In all locations we can open 3 dance floors with your help. We have several boxes and dance floors and each of you can also just put your box down and make music.

Ideally, our program could look like this:

Friday 18.8.2023

from 5 p.m. get-to-know beach social Warnemünde on the beach

from 8 p.m. Mole Party Warnemünde on the pier, followed by a joint return trip to Rostock on the Sbahn with music

Saturday 08/19/2023:

from 12 p.m. Dancer brunch on the beach in Warnemünde (simply bring your own food and brunch on the beach, dance, maybe sunbathe and swim)

9 p.m. – 2 a.m. Saturday evening party on 3 dance floors in the Peter Weiß Haus Rostock (admission 10 € in advance / 15 € at the box office)

Sunday 08/20/2023:

11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Dancers' brunch in the city harbor of Rostock with subsequent social

from 7 p.m. farewell party in the city harbor of Rostock

General Information:

The Sensual Weekend is a non-profit event. All open airs are free, only the dance classes are paid for by the dance teachers themselves and the Saturday night party. Here are our ideas for the weekend:

Event #1: Friday 5 p.m. we meet for a beach social with several boxes on the beach, get to know each other and dance a little warmly on the beach and open dance floors as needed.


Event #2: Friday from 8 p.m. we will make the pier in Warnemünde glow with 3 dance floors. We dance as long as we are tolerated or until midnight so that everyone can still get the last S-Bahn. Bring something warmer, because it can get chilly at night


Event #3: Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. we meet for a dancer's brunch followed by a beach social with several boxes to dance on the beach and sunbathe on the beach (dance floors as required). ….also dance-talk-eat-repeat….The workshops may then run parallel to this, maybe 200m away at the lighthouse.


3 Workshops: each WS 1h (you pay the price of 10€ per dancer and workshop directly to the dance teacher:

3-4 p.m. Kizomba with Daniel Schauenburg

4-5pm Bachata with Lorenz Bauer

5-6pm salsa with Lena and Arelio


Event #4: Saturday 9pm-2am we dance on 3 dance floors in the Peter-Weiß-Haus-Rostock. Admission included in the dance pass or single tickets are available at the box office for €15 or €10 in advance (please transfer €10 as a friend via Paypal to with your name.


Event #5: Sunday 12pm-7pm we meet for the dancer brunch at the Rostock city harbor with several boxes and dance floors (dance floors as needed).


As a "special event" we have 3 extra workshops tomorrow (08/20/23) before you make your way back. Tomorrow everything will only take place in Rostock's city harbor so that you don't have to drive out to Warnemünde again.

12-1pm Salsa with Lena&Arelio

1-2pm Bachata with Lorenz

2-3pm Kizomba with Daniel


Event #6: Sunday after 7 p.m.-open end we dance at the city harbor and let the festival end. (max. 3 dance floors as required)


FAQ – Answers to questions that you keep asking about Sensual WE:

– no dance pass this year, all Open Air events are free of charge

– Why are there no full passes for the dance courses? This is the only way everyone can book exactly what they want and it remains inexpensive for everyone who does not want to attend any or not many courses.

– Are there always 3 dance floors? Whenever there are enough dancers, a dance floor can be opened. e.g. at Beachsocial - take a box and your music and decide for yourself

– What is a dancer brunch? bring something you want to eat and we'll have brunch and chilled dancing together

– Dress code for all events: Whatever you feel comfortable with, but to be on the safe side, bring a windbreaker and sweater for the open air

– What happens to the Open Airs in bad weather? We then try to find indoor alternatives and then have to share the room rent that may be incurred.

– Price Saturday evening party in the Peter Weiß Haus: 10€ VV-15€ AK

I hope everyone who is attending for the first time likes our somewhat different form of the event. We attach more importance to social dance and relaxed togetherness.


Book your private lessons direct at the dance teacher per WhatsApp!